Friday, June 11, 2010

Precious Memories of the Week

Earlier this week, I tried to take Clara to some fun fountains that kids are aloud to play in... thinking she would have an even better time in them this year, now that she is older. No go. Granted, it was kind of a cool day... and if she'd gotten in she would have been cold, so maybe that was part of it, though I'm not sure she reasons that kind of thing through. But for whatever reason, she was not interested in playing in the water. Got her to stick her hand in one of them, but that was it. Oh, well, still got this sweet picture of her and a beautiful flower. And in the end, we got out the double stroller, that our dear friends blessed us with, and took a stroll around a block of the mall.

A precious something that happened this week: Clara "reading" to Kiah! It was so cute! She went on and on, loudly proclaiming gibberish.

Out to the count

So cute! Yesterday, Stephen dressed Hil up in this outfit, which was a gift from our kind neighbors.

One more precious memory from this week: Hil was lying on our bed and Clara was making me somewhat nervous by jumping around him. However, the cutest thing was happening at the same time. After jumping about for a little bit, she would squat down beside him, take his hands in hers, ask "More? More?" and make his little hands go together for the sign for "More"! Then up she would go and do some more jumping, then down again for the "more" exercise.

So, Hil's signing lessons have already started, thanks to our precious little teacher! With three teachers instead of just two, he should be signing away in "no time"! :-)


Laurel said...

How sweet! I love the stories and pictures. :-)

Momma M said...

Now who taught all that to Clara?! Also, I never would have guessed her turning down a dip in water after last August's passionate antics; I thought we had a mermaid.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo Precious! Thanks SO much for taking the time to put these pictures up for us all to enjoy! I really like all of them! The next best thing to being there! The picture of Clara reading to Kiah, and the story of her "teaching" him sign language reminds me of something I'd do differently if I had it to do over again! That is IF I was alert to the things I am now, which is not likely, but...anyway... :) :) What a HUGE opportunity a younger sibling is, to help teach a child to get past himself to care about and help, and love another person rather than be totally focused on himself, his own thoughts, desires, needs, wants, etc.(That is IF we as parents saw the opportunity in time and knew how to encourage it, rather than discourage or ignore it! I wish I'd been more alert to notice and encourage precious things like that!) Thanks again for the pictures and stories! Mom F.