Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Time - No Post

Yes, yes, it's been quite a long time with no post... but I'm back at it. :-)

We enjoyed almost a week of Mom M. being here, which was great! This was the first time for her to meet her newest grandson! And the rest of us hadn't seen her since Christmas. Thanks again for coming, Mom, and come again very soon! It was super to have you!

Our friend, Laurel, posted a link to a blog she'd recently found... and I was inspired by this project, and ended up letting Clara paint rocks and shells today. We've only tried painting a few times before and she normally doesn't stick to it for very long... but she worked at this project for a while.

Clara's toenail got ripped kind of deep and the toe looked sore and maybe a bit infected, so we got out the foot bath yesterday, put in epsom salt and let her soak her feet. She thought it was great and was NOT a happy camper when I took the bath away.

And she had another foot bath today. What a life. :-)

And here are a couple shots of our precious boy from a while back.

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