Friday, June 18, 2010

Yesterday Evening

Yesterday evening turned out to be one of those lovely family times. We went out and took a stroll around the neighborhood. Hil enjoys being outdoors and both of the kids were happy and content. We then spent some time hanging out in the back yard, checking out the garden, watching the chickens and enjoying the lovely weather. After coming in Stephen and I settled down in the living room and took in another chapter of the book we've been reading: "Holy Cows and Hog Heaven: The Food Buyers Guide To Farm Friendly Food". The book is by Joel Salatin and if you think it's probably just a super boring book by looking at the title, then you likely haven't heard Joel Salatin speak or read one of his books. :-) We might have to do a post one of these days about some of the things we've been learning! But for now, I'll just say it was a special family time evening. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the dear little family you have blessed us with and the fun, relaxing time we had last night.

And here are a few pictures of our precious boy, taken last night:

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celeste said...

That was a very funny book!!
I enjoyed it a lot.