Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Boy

The boy has been showing his "boyness" lately. Brings us smiles. You should see the way he can turn a calm bath tub into a hurricane with simply two little chunky hands violently smacking the water! Rather messy, but too cute to cause much frustration in the parents.

Then there's the way he likes to stand next to the coffee table and clear everything on it onto the floor... and also open the little drawer and empty it of all the little cup coasters.

Then there are are the grunts and yells that come out of his little mouth.

Then there's the ball. Yup, he's already learning to throw a ball. Too cute! He's fairly good at it (says the biased Momma) but it does still land behind him sometimes! :-)

Our little man brings us much joy! And I know we will need much patience, grace, and wisdom from the Lord in how to raise him to be a manly man who is tough, strong, can take risks, and get dirty, and who is also a godly gentleman... like his Daddy and Grandpas! The wonderful adventure of parenting a boy has begun!

Enjoy the video of our little guy! (Are most of you able to see the videos we're posting? I know at least one friend was having a problem with one of them.)

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