Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor Clara

We have all been sick here. Poor Hilkiah has had congestion and coughing that has just gone on and on! We kept thinking it would just run it's course and go away... but it didn't. :-( Then about two weeks ago Stephen came down with some nasty sinus infection or something. Then Clara came down with something... and then me too. On Monday we gave in and went to Urgent Care... all four of us. Both of the guys were put on antibiotics. Clara and I weren't. We all seem to be on the mend now! We have much to be thankful for... including a little girl who enjoyed playing Doctor last night! :-)


tony and Dottie (and Andrew) Sushereba said...

Re Dr. Clara, Thank you for taking care of the sick daddy and mother. Your tender love is an important medicine. Hope you will soon enjoy spring weather and playing outside. Much love, great grama & grampa S

q-pig said...

I couldn't see a picture...SADNESS!
Miss you all! -Q