Monday, April 18, 2011

Captured Moments and "Clara-isms"

About a week ago we had a day of unusually warm weather and were able to go to the park jacket free! Yay! Here are a few captured moments to share:

Come on, Mom! And yes, I did take one trip down the slide. :-)

And here is a close up of the little man's first ever hair cut. Didn't Daddy do a great job???!!!

Now for a few cute "Clara-isms" from lately:

Excerpts from her prayers: "Please Mommy get better. Please Clara get better. Please Hilkiah get better. Please Daddy get better. Please all the guys get better." We had all been sick awhile back and she really noticed us asking the Lord to help us get better. The Lord blessed and we are thankful to all be in much better health now... but Clara has still been regularly asking for us to "get better". :-)

Clara's sharp little eyes noticed buds on the trees outside our window and called them "blueberries".

Cute phrases the girl has been using lately: "Let's see here...", "Just a second", "One question"

Another new thing is pretending that she is someone else. The other day she was pretending to be our new friend Marilen followed closely by pretending to be "Aunt Anna".

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Anonymous said...

cute! Hilkia looks like a little man...not a baby anymore.

Miss you!