Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finally... Part 1 of R and R's Wedding

After a long wait, we have picture from the camera to share!  As I mentioned before, some sort of a technical problem has developed and we haven't been able to download pictures from the camera to the computer.  We're still haveing the same problem, but I went down the drug store today and used one of the photo kiosks to put a bunch of pictures on photo cds.   So... are you ready for some pictures from the last several months?

We'll start with some that aren't that old, namely, pictures from the end of last month when we traveled to TX for my brother, Randy's wedding to Raechel!  We arrived Tuesday night and Wednesday we met up with the crew.  Randy and Raechel took us to the coffee shop where he surprised her when he came down to TX to ask her to marry him.  After surprising her at the coffee shop, he took her down to the harbor, and that is where he popped the question.  The following pics are from the tour of the harbor area:
Hilkiah and Aunt Anna

 Volleyball lessons from the pros!  Uncle Mark and Uncle Caleb with Clara!

 Now it's Hil's turn.

 The lovely couple of the hour!  Randy and Raechel

 Fun times with Uncle Caleb down at the harbor

 A day or two later, Clara and Aunt Sherry with their "matching shirts"!  Sherry is my brother Mark's lovely bride of almost one year!

Day before the wedding: me and Aunt Margie

The groom-to-be and ring-bearer-to-be.

Me and my lovely sister, Amy
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 Two handsome groomsmen working on the groom's cake: my brother Mark and my dear husband, Stephen

 Finishing touches: Mark

Raechel, the lovely bride!

 Melissa!  My baby sis.

 Flower girl!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Yay for pictures!!! Hilkiah is so big!!!! Just like Gideon he's a little boy! I bet your family just LOVED being with your family!