Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our GF Journey: Report 1

So, the beginning of our Gluten Free journey has been a mixed bag.  After getting home from the wedding we began in earnest.  I went out and bought things I'd never bought before, like Xantham Gum, tapioca starch and potato starch.  I also took things that I HAD used before and started milling them into flour... things such as rice, millet and quinoa.

I've learned that crepes are super duper easy to make gluten free and be very happy with the results.  I've learned that yeast bread is NOT.  Thus far I've tried making yeast bread three times and haven't been thrilled with any of the results.  They actually all turned out quite well... none of them were flops... they were just such a far cry from good old wheat bread.  So, that's been the most discouraging part thus far.  Poor Clara even managed to gag herself on my latest loaf.

One of the most encouraging products so far: totally delicious pumpkin cookies that turned out so GREAT!  My man REALLY liked them, which made my day!  Here's the link if someone wants to give it a shot: http://glutenfreecooking.about.com/od/dessertsandsweets/r/glutenfreepumpkincookierecipe.htm.  They were extremely yummy.

Tonight we had muffins made with sorgum, quinoa and corn, and was quite happy with them - encouraging!

We've found a GF pasta that is excellent which, if you know us, was pretty much a necessity if this GF thing is going to last for any length of time.  :-)

So, like I say it's been a mixed bag.  Despite the not-so-great yeast breads, I'm feeling ready to keep going!  It's still a fun and interesting experience!  And it helps that the kids and I have not gone totally GF ourselves, just Stephen.  So though all of our baking is GF as well as cooking that he'll be eating, the rest of us still get our gluten here and there.  :-)

And there you have it, report number 1.

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