Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half a month has gone by and no posts!  Forgive me.  Let me catch you up a bit!  

First of all, a Baby I update.  We're currently at 17 1/2 weeks.  I'm starting to feel some little movements that I think may not be just bubbles!  The last several days have also been nausea free!  What a blessing!  This time around also seemed a little lighter then with the first two!  We had a second sono a couple weeks back and it showed a healthy, growing, moving baby with a good heartbeat!  Thank You, Lord!

Our other two munchkins keep us hopping and are such a joy... with plenty of challenges in there too!  Clara is so often coming out with something cute!  The other day I was looking up a Texas sheet cake recipe online.  After I told her what I was looking for she says "Is that Kansas food?"  :-)  

We also get told things like "Shh.  My babies are sleeping."  

Lately, when she remembers something she's been wanting to do and hasn't been able to yet she'll suddenly say "I forgot to go to the mall and ride the horses!"  Or "I forgot to ride in your car, Daddy!" 

Hil has been slowly adding to his list of words.  Many of them are single syllable, like "Wa" (water), "Pa" (pacifier), "Bay" (blankie).  However, one of his good ones is airplane!  Slightly mispronounced, but almost totally there!  He really enjoys kicking balls around and seeing vehicles: trains, trucks, motorcycle, airplanes.  A true boy!  

Ok, now for a few moments from the last few weeks captured in video and pictures.  First us if  a video of the kids enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we had a week ago.  There's nothing super special about the video... but if nothing else the grandparents will enjoy it.  :-)  My finger was even in the way the whole time... sorry about that!

Next we have some father / daughter sweetness.  

So fun to watch a girl mother her babies! 

Gotta keep the baby warm!

This boy REALLY likes his ice cream... but doesn't like the cone.  Here he is working on getting the ice cream OUT of the cone.  He did quite a thorough job!  :-)


Joshua and Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update and so glad you are feeling better. Nothing like getting over the top. Can't wait to see this new little one! I guess it will be born in Kansas right?

Aunt Anna said...

What!?!? You let her play with those!!! AND take them outside? You must REEEAALLY love her!! =D

Momma M said...

You pick up well on the little sayings. I'm afraid I didn't listen very well and write much down.