Monday, April 16, 2012


A few moments to share with you from the last week.

The other day Clara got dressed up in her favorite dress and then wanted me to tie a bandana around her waist... I figured it was part of the outfit.  However, awhile later I noticed that a little baby was tucked inside and it was being used kind of like a baby sling!!!   Clara loves to dress up and sing and cook and care for her babies.  And she still has LOTS of rambunctious energy!  

Ice cream bar moment!  :-)

And the precious picnic that preceded the ice cream bar. 

And a fun story from a couple weeks ago.  Stephen asked Hilkiah if "he was going to be an engineer?" It would seem that Hil shouldn't have the foggiest idea what Daddy was talking about, which made his response extra funny and ironic.  He said "No. Fuh-ball! (football)"  Then raised his little arm and gave his "Wooooooo!" cheer!  :-)

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Momma M said...

I'll need to take him to some of Win Ko's home games of the Other Football.