Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some of the latest!

Yesterday was our latest check up for Baby I.  

Weeks: 19
Sono results: measurements were good, baby looked healthy, heart beat 144!
Gender: We chose to wait.  So.... we'll take any guesses!  :-) 

The appointment went very well.  I had been worrying about how it would go, because there were several things that we were wanting to do differently then I figured they would want... but my worrying  was for nothing.  The LORD REALLY means it when He says NOT to WORRY!!!!  In the morning I had been reading in the Bible where the Lord parts the Jordan river for the children of Israel and feeling that maybe He was speaking to me and that and I needed to trust Him to go before us.   I NEED to learn to trust Him!  We had no disagreements at the office.  The issues I was worried about were hardly even mentioned!  Thank You, Lord!  

The whole family was there for the sono.  Clara was positive she saw the baby sucking it's thumb.  :-)  Nobody else did....  :-)  Hil was saying "Baby. Baby."  So sweet!

Couple shots from today:  Got to love the outfit the girl put together!  :-)  

There are some tulips not too far from our apartment that we've kind of been keeping out eye on.  They were starting to bloom today!  What BEAUTY the Lord has blessed us with in this world around us!

Last weekend, Clara was gone with Daddy, so Hil got to help Mommy with baking more then he might have otherwise.  As you can see, the idea of placing the dough on a mat that is sitting on a slick surface wasn't too smart on Mommy's part.  Cute little assistant anyway, though!


In the Mix said...

Glad for the good report. I know every office/practice is different but I've never had some one try to force me to do something I was opposed to. I'm happy you've been given some peace. Can't wait to meet baby.

Joshua and Stephanie said...

So exciting! I don't have a'd have to tell me more about your pregnancies and what you thought. I have my ultrasound in about a month so that Joshua can go with good to see baby doing well I'm sure. I'm so glad your appointment went well, I was praying!

Momma M said...

My guess is that number one son could be a great baker. Your shots of Clara were on an interesting setting with a glow perhaps?