Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's time for some little people updates... how they're growing, changing, developing.

Clara, our lovely little lady, is pushing 5 already!   A little lady she sure can be, as she likes to dress up and twirl and dance.  She also has thought and concern for spiritual things.

 A mover and a shaker, would apply pretty well to her too.  She could direct the house hold (or at least try) if we allowed that.  :-)

 She and Hil and spend lots of time playing together, and sometimes she get's bummed when I put Hil down for a nap, saying "But then I won't have any friends."  They're buds. And sometime... they're NOT buds.  :-)

We've been doing some preschool and she's learning!  We don't do a whole lot, but slowly, bit by bit we're making progress.

She's is a dear and is getting to the age where she can be more helpful.  She got out cereal, milk and spoons this morning for breakfast.

Clara is also a good interpreter.  There are times when I'm NOT getting what Hilkiah is saying, but she does.  :-)

Hilkiah is finally clicking with potty training!  Yay!  Makes Mommy happy!  We've got a lot of improving to do, but he's made some huge strides in the last few weeks!

Hil's vocabulary continues to grow and he's becoming quite the little talker!  :-)

He's spends lots of time playing with sis, and has hit the stage of playing imaginary games in a big way!  He can go hunting or take care of babies, or be an injured individual that Doctor Clara is caring for, etc.

He can eat like crazy, putting away almost as much as Mommy or Daddy at times.

He can sure be a handful, but he's got tons of cuteness to make up for it.

Ittai, our sweet little dumpling, is eight months now.  He's not crawling yet, but rolls and scoots and squirms his way around.  He's also sitting pretty well on his own, but will eventually topple over.  

We've started regular solids in the last week or so. He'd been trying stuff here and there before, but he wasn't too impressed and it would generally get pushed back out.  But he's now swallowing it down!  Yay!

Generally, he's a pretty easy little guy, and can keep himself pretty busy for good lengths of time playing with and chewing on toys.   

We're so blessed to have these three precious gifts from the Lord!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Wow, everyone growing up so fast!!! Gideon is my little helper. How old is Hilkiah now?