Friday, March 14, 2014

We got back Tuesday evening from a big road trip!  It took in TX, OK, NM AZ, and CO.  It's been a while since we did something that big.  Stephen had a presentation in TX for work.  We stopped for a couple days to see friends in OK and go to a chapel there.  After TX, it was on to AZ, via NM.  We used to live in AZ and hadn't been back for a visit since we moved away, which was over 5 years ago.  The chapel there was having a Bible conference that weekend, so the timing was perfect!  After the conference ended, Sunday, we headed for home. 

It was a lot of hours in car seats for little people, but they did fairly well.  We definitely had some really rough sections, but there were other times where they did great!  It almost seemed like they improved as the trip went on... got accustomed to this "new thing" the family was doing... driving for hour after hour!  :-)  Once we get some pictures down loaded, I'll plan to post some.

The very last morning before we hit the road for the last leg home, the kids had watched a cartoon  about what it means to be frustrated and what to do about it when you feel that way.  That afternoon, Hil says from the back "I'm frustrated. I want to get home."  Then later on: "I'm sick."  I think we asked about what kind of sickness.  "I'm sick of all my frustrating things."  Got to love that boy!  He's been popping out a lot of cute quotes lately!  I think it might be the age!  I'll have to share more soon!


Joanne Brown said...

Loving your blog - I'd lost track of your link, but after January's trip to So. Cal with Gracie's Mom, she gave it to me from memory, and it worked. Remembering you before the Lord with this new pregnancy. Love, (Tim &)Joanne Brown

Unknown said...

Hi Stephen and Gracie- I don't think my first comment posted. Trying again. Loving to see your blog. Tim and Joanne Brown