Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Blessing On the Way!

We were pleased to find out about a week and a half ago that we are expecting another Blessing!  Lord willing, we should be welcoming this one into the outside world in the time frame of November.  Dates are kind of shaky but we appear to be between 6 and 8 weeks along.  I saw a midwife this week and we got to have a sonogram, and she also picked up a good fast heartbeat!  Thank You, Lord! 

The midwife drew blood while I was there, and it took awhile to fill up the tube...and I'm not good with needles anyway, so I ALMOST passed out.  When I told Clara that I had almost fainted she asked calmly and matter-of-factly "you mean died?"  So, we explained to her what fainting is.  The next day, she was telling someone about what had happened and said "passing out is when you go to bed in the daytime."  Love that girl.

You can be thanking the Lord with us for this new Gift from Him and be praying that if it is His will we will be able to keep this new little one!


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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Yay!!!! I came out to your blog to look for news!!! I am so thrilled and will be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy! I'm over halfway there and so glad!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations Stephen & Gracie!!! I am so excited for your family! I will be praying that the Lord will protect this little life, and that He will give you the grace and strength as you walk through this pregnancy and prepare to nurture and disciple another little one!
With lots of love,
P.S. I tried posting a comment right after you made the announcement but I think I did something wrong because it never showed up.

Stephen and Gracie said...

Thank you all! :-) Julie! Thanks for both your comments... the reason the first one didn't show up is just that I hadn't "published" it yet. The way I set it up wasn't too smart and it made publishing comments not as easy as it could be. :-/