Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mimic, mimic, mimic....

Joking is going on at the table about what to have for dessert.
The decision is made.
Daddy thumps the table and says "Done."
Mommy thumps the table and says "Done."
Daddy and Mommy hear a third little thump on the table and a little voice say "Du".

Clara sees someone spit on the ground.
Shortly there after, she's going "p", "p", "p".

Mommy lets out a burp. :-/
Very quickly she hears interesting noses coming from the little lady.
Uhh, ohh, Mommy. You blew it!

In prayer meeting last night:
Gentleman behind us starts sneezing.
Stephen starts sneezing.
Some rather noisy, fake cough/sneeze sounds start emitting from the girl.

Life can be rather humorous around here, to say the least. And what an incredible responsibility God has given us, to train up, and set an example for this little soul that is so eagerly soaking up everything!

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