Friday, September 4, 2009

This, That, And The Other...

Now for a little smattering of news from around here.

Happy Labor Day to ya' all! We are expecting some friends we haven't seen in a long time to come for a visit this weekend. That should be great! And you can pray that a good time would be had by all!!!

I should be around 8 weeks right now. I haven't experienced any real morning sickness yet, for which I'm very grateful! I've had some brief waves of slight nausea, but wasn't even sure if the pregnancy was the source. We are looking seriously at attempting a home birth once again and are scheduled to have an interview with a local midwife this coming Tuesday. Pray that we'll have wisdom! The Lord Jesus knows which route would be the best.

Somebody found a little corner all her own today.

Clara has been blossoming lately in her communication abilities. When she was still quite young we started trying to teach her to sign, but I gave up too soon. Then a few months ago we picked it back up and in the last week or so, it finally seemed to "click" for Clara. She started willingly making the signs for "more", "drink" and "food", and very occasionally "all done". Since then, she seems to be pretty much settling on "food" as her all-purpose, favorite, "There's something I want" word. I remember one of the first days after it clicked, we were out to eat and we were having her sign for something she wanted. She looked so tickled pink over her ability to sign that it looked like she momentarily forgot about what she had been wanting! :-)

Another neat thing she's done lately is mimicking the sounds that letters make. We were sitting on the ground with her foam letters, numbers and animals the other day and I started telling her some of the names and sounds. Well, see started copying the sounds for "d", "t" and "b". Of course she then tried to apply them to anything and everything, but it still made the Momma happy!

One of the new fun things around here lately has been Daddy pretending to be a horse. He has to go pretty slow because Miss Clara doesn't yet have much of a concept of holding on tight.

I've been on a serious "new recipe" kick lately. Here's Clara attempting to consume one of my creations...

Before moving to this area, one of Stephen's and my favorite places to eat was a little "mom and pap" Vietnamese Restaurant, and one of our favorite things to eat there were their fabulous spring rolls. We get them almost every time we went. Well, I had long thought of giving making them a try and finally did the other day. Stephen was my research assistant and found me a good peanut sauce recipe on the internet and we were both pleased with the results!

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Momma M said...

The only thing that Stephen has not knowingly imitated my dad in is the skin-the-cat routine on the door sill between kitchen and dining room! I liked the horsey game too but didn't know what it cost Dad's knees!