Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Quiet Evening

Yesterday evening was suppose to be a busy one, with Clara and I going to "Mommy and Me" type swim lessons at 4:45, followed by a interview at 6:00 with the lady we are thinking to have as our midwife.

Well, the midwife had a mom in labor, and was thinking that, come evening, the labor would probably intensify, so she called me and arranged to come by my house in the morning instead. It's looking like we're going to pick her as the midwife!

Then, later on Clara and I headed off to lessons, only to find they had been canceled, due to not enough people signing up. So, we've been moved to the Monday / Wednesday lessons.

So we ended up with a quiet evening at home. Here are a few shots from our night.

Clara likes the lawn mower, and if she knows Daddy is outside doing something like mowing, she wants to be out there too! She can make a nuisance of herself though, by walking in front of the mower and getting in the way.

Once again, getting in the way! :-)

The lovely Moon flowers in the back yard. I like how the flash made them glisten!

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Anonymous said...

How precious that Clara is curious, interested and wanting to "help" and learn from Daddy! :) Mom F.