Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pro

The last couple months, Clara has been quite fascinated with trying to use her own utensils! She's on her way to being a pro! Here she is a few days ago with her bowl of yogurt, which she managed fairly well. :-)

In other development areas, she is still signing away, which is really cute. Today, it sounded like she said "Amen" the end of bed-time prayer! Also, one of the things we've been having her sign is "All done", so naturally, she's also been hearing us say it all the time as we've been teaching her to sign and trying to communicate. Well, the other day she quite distinctly said "Aaaaah Du" as she was waiting to be let down from her chair after doing the sign and hearing us keep saying it. Stephen and I were both proud as can be. :-) It's kind of funny how very proud you can be over such seemingly small things... when it's your child! :-)

And someone has also been clearly demonstrating that she is a sinner... like everyone else, as she throws fits (including, among other things, kicking, back arching and very noisy vocal demonstrations) and clearly demands the her will be carried out. Not quite so proud of that. Pray that we'll have wisdom in training our lovable little rascal in the way she should go!

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