Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swimmin', Eatin', And NOT Sleepin'


Last week, Clara and I started taking some Mommy and Me type swim lessons. It's been fun for both of us. Clara really enjoys water, so getting her to get in and have some fun has not been hard. She's not too crazy about some of the activities, but enjoys others. Her favorite is jumping to Mommy from the side. She loves it! It makes us both happy! :-) When the half hour is up, she's ready to keep going! However, it's a pretty good length of time as she gets cold in the water. I don't have any of her during lessons, due to the fact I'm in there with her the whole time... but maybe we'll get some if Daddy comes to watch sometime. She's so funny to watch charging down the ramp into the water... and then tripping and landing "splash"!

Somebody has been having some rough nights lately, way to many of them have been spent, in part or in whole, in Mommy and Daddy's bed. We're not sure is she's scared or what the deal is. Also, being sick the last couple days probably hasn't helped and she's had some teeth coming in. However, Mommy and Daddy get pretty tired of sleeping in our little, tiny aisles of space, assigned by Her Royal Highness, as she flips, flops and fusses!!! Last night went fairly well. Going to bed on her own was pretty traumatic, but Stephen did a super job of going in there and gently comforting and helping her.

An adorable mess!!! Continuing to do great with her spoon... also managing to stab stuff with a fork. Being able to use a utensil seems like it may be increasing the variety of stuff she is willing to eat. Maybe it's the fun of using the utensil or the fact that she doesn't have to endure the texture on her fingers!


In the Mix said...

That little girl is cute as a button, especially in that bathing suit.
Sorry about the not sleeping. We've been in the same boat with a little girl in our bed for the last couple of nights. She's either got to get back into her own bed or we need a bigger bed. Sound about right? Ha!
Here's hoping little Clara settles back into normal soon.

Momma M said...

My heart does go out to you and Sarah. Hope that you are getting a nap time as well.