Thursday, March 18, 2010


As promised, I snapped some pictures today! Here's the little lady out in the beautiful, spring weather! Between playing in the dirt and licking an icing mixer, she had a pretty grubby day! You should see the glass storm door she stood next to while enjoying the mixer! :-)

I had my latest midwife appointment today. Everything checked out great, which was a blessing! Baby's heart beat was 130 and things seem to be progressing well!

I think I mentioned before that I'm taking another cake decorating course. I'd been trying for the last couple months to get into course 2 at Michaels.... but both that I had signed up for were canceled, due to not enough people joining. Well, it turns out you don't have to take the courses in order, once you've taken the first one, so I was able to sign up for course 3. Last week was the first one and this week we got to actually decorate a cake! I'd been feeling like "Why am I doing this?", "It's so much time investment for a cake.", "I don't feel like I'm really going to get into this.", etc, etc. And then, of course, I left getting prepared for the class until pretty last minute, so was kind of stressed and not enjoying myself in the preparation process. However, once I got to class and got going on the project it was fun and the cake they had us do is a neat one! Maybe I could really get into this! :-) We'll see! May send this very girly cake to work with Stephen tomorrow... hopefully the guys can get beyond what it looks like and enjoy eating it! :-) If any of you are interested in learning more about cake decorating, check out your local Michael's craft store. They offer some great classes.


Laurel said...

The cake looks amazing!

Momma M said...

LOL about Stephen taking it to work. A little girly humor! Yet, I would think that the "ribbon" would impress any engineer, you talented woman.

Momma M said...

Quite the cake I'll say. -Dad M