Friday, March 12, 2010

A Surprise Blessing!

My friend, Karen, does a super job of organizing and hosting play group get-togethers, with some friends, at her house. Well, this past Thursday, she invited us over for another one, and I showed up, completely unsuspecting that this was more then just getting together for lunch, chatting and letting our little ones play. Karen had turned play group into a surprise baby shower! What a blessing to have such kind, thoughtful and generous friends!!! Wow! The Lord Jesus has been so good to us, blessing us with wonderful friends wherever we go!

This picture is kind of dark, but if you look close, the balloons have grown legs! :-)

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Awww how exciting! Do you know what you are having Gracie? I'm not sure that I've heard. Are you so excited it is getting close? I'm excited for you!