Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Many Ways Of Pronouncing "Jacket" (and other important info.)

1. Jacko

2. Jacker

And the latest...

3. Jackew

Thanks to Miss Clara for this language lesson!!!

And now, for snippets of other news from around here:

The artist at work!

Clara had a grand old time last night, playing "fort" with Daddy under the table! It was Daddy's great idea! Once the cookies came out of the oven we even got to have a cookie party in the fort!

In other news, we have enjoyed a couple days of absolutely beautiful weather! Spring is in the air!!!! Claires and I got to do a couple seed planting sessions. We're trying to get some veggies, herbs and flowers (so far, just morning glories) started in the house. Setting up a garden can be sooooo much fun... and trying to plant seeds with a little girl can be... challenging! :-)

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Momma M said...

We'll take a signed and dated painting any day, thank you. There's always room on the refrig. At first the seeding job looked like chocolate cookies; yes, challenge for sure, but I'm proud of you for creating opportunity for learning.