Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well... what do ya know???!!!

Monday was a BEAUTIFUL, warm day... maybe up in the 50s. Clara and I spent quite awhile out in the yard... and without jackets! Yay! Clara had a grand old time and playing in the dirt and "exploring" in the corner of the yard that has a couple big trees and some bushes/undergrowth.

And then this morning, what did we wake up to???!!! Snow!!!! It was pretty wet and slushy, but it was snow. And once Daddy started getting ready to go out in it, and get his car started and cleaned off for going to work, SOMEBODY decided she needed to go out too! She wanted her "Boot" and went and got out her snow boots. Well, life became pretty miserable until the little lady's goal was accomplished! Daddy went off to work and Mommy finished up breakfast and got ready and out we went....

Miss Clara had a grand old time tromping around and enjoying the snow. She already likes "snow ball fights"!!! And Mommy made a feeble attempt at a snow man. Well, when Mommy decided to head back in... life again became miserable, for said little person, VERY miserable!

Well, what a winter it has been around here! I understand it's pretty normal to get about one snow or so a year that really sticks... and this is one was about the 5th! It's been a fun experience! And what a change in perspective Miss Clara has had! From not wanting to have anything to do with the HORRID stuff before Christmas... to wanting to stay out there as long as Mommy will let her!

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Momma M said...

"Walkin' in a winter wonderland!" What nice smiles. Yes, Thank you for the pics and footnotes.