Thursday, March 25, 2010

Including Her Sibling!

This was just too precious!

We have this little foam Starfish and Clara likes for us to play that this Starfish is attacking her! Sometimes she will hide behind her door and Mommy "sneaks" and throws it around the door or has it attack! Much hilarity comes from the little girl and she thinks it's a great game.

Well, today we were playing with the foam shapes and after a while we started the "vicious starfish" game. This time she wasn't hiding, but was still having a great time as the starfish would hide and then rush out and attack her! She thought it was quite fun! Well, the game went on and she took the starfish and started attacking Mommy.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Clara says "Baby", and proceeded to "attack" Mommy's big tummy with the starfish! She didn't do it really hard, so it wasn't a problem that way, and I thought it was sooooooooo precious!!! She was playing her first game with her little sibling!!!

On a totally different note, we've taken some great pictures in the last week, but a setting on the computer has changed and we're having problems accessing the camera. :-( So, need to keep working on the problem! Hopefully, we'll figure it out soon!

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