Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bananas, Baby Steps and Curry!

We got treated to some sibling cuteness the other night as Clara shared her banana with little bro! Though he looks a little overwhelmed he did seem to enjoy the experience overall, as he kept opening up for more. In about the last week he has made a noticeable increase in the amount of solids he's willing/interested in eating, which has been fun.

Another big thing for our little man... over the last few weeks he would occasionally take a step or two as he lunged at you or something else to hold on to. Then on Saturday, while at our friends' home, he took two more steady steps toward me! And since then, he has taken several more! Stephen captured about 5 or 6 steps last night on his phone camera... we will have to download that soon! And tomorrow is a big day for our little guy!

On a totally unrelated note, tonight is our vegetarian night and I'm planning to try a garbanzo bean curry. Here's the link for what I'm thinking to try. Stephen and I enjoy Indian food and I've been enjoying experimenting with some new recipes!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! One Year Old!!!!
Happy Birthday, Hilkiah!!!
And please tell your Mom and Dad a HUGE "thank you" for taking the time and for choosing to post those precious pictures and "stories" of you and Clara, AND your Dad and Mom, that we all enjoy SO much! We TOO often fail to let them know how MUCH we enjoy getting to "see" you! Please tell them our THANK YOU, again! How much those pictures make me want to reach out and give you a hug, or to come by and visit you...! Oh no, here come the tears, I better change the subject! :) LOTS of love to you, little Hil! I sure hope tomorrow is a very special day for you!
Grandma F.