Saturday, May 14, 2011


Gorgeous morning here! It rained earlier and is still cloudy, but it is so fresh, cool and beautiful out. Stephen had to go in to work for a couple hours to run a test, and the kids and I ended up taking a little walk. Here's a couple pics from our outing.

What happens when you give a one year old a chocolate animal cracker?

Clara seemed to really enjoy the outing... running around investigating, picking up sticks and rocks. At one point she started turning around with her arms out and saying "beautiful". I had her do a pose for me.


Momma M said...

Perfect shirt to have on a chocolate-faced boy; he reminds me of a Keebler elf. It's fun to hear Clara expressing herself so much more and savoring the moment with you.

Joshua and Stephanie said...

They are just so cute!!! Hilkiah is getting so big!!!