Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Steps

Hil took his first steps and maintained his balance last Saturday. This was taken last Monday. He is still working on his new skill, but who taught him how to be a comedian at the same time? Sometimes he will squat up and down, up and down just-because-he-can.

Because the clientele of this blog site appreciates videos, I am supplying this BONUS video:

Today, you also get a BONUS to the BONUS:

Enjoy the vids.

Gracie made chipati (Indian bread) and chickpea curry. They both came out splendid!


Anna said...

They are so funny!! Kiah is getting really big! =) Thanks for posting those.

In the Mix said...

What a treat! Thanks. :)

Marilena said...

Cute videos!
I love indian food. We just had some carry out on Sunday. Chicken and Lamb curry and Naan. Yum!!! How did the chipati turn out? I buy Roti Chipati from Costco and we love it but I would love to make it myself.

P.S. You look beautiful Gracie!

Stephen and Gracie said...

Marilena... You had me wondering how-on-earth you knew I made chipati... and then I saw that Stephen had mentioned it in his post! :-) It came out ok. It looked soooo easy in the youtube video I watched... but mine didn't puff up hardly at all, unlike the lady whose video I had watched! Oh well... I've got more to learn! :-)

Oh and thank you for your sweet compliment... you made my day!