Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Little Lady

Wearing Mommy's hat earlier today....

Our little Clara turned three on Saturday! Where did those years go? Sometimes I look at her and it just strikes me what a big girl she already is!

She had a VERY fun day, starting off the night before by celebrating with our friends at Bible study with cupcakes, candles and being serenaded with "Happy Birthday To You". She blew out her three candles... with three blows! :-) Saturday we had waffles and she enjoyed opening gifts and spending much of her day trying out her new treasures! Daddy grilled hamburgers for supper and we had french fries (pronounced "fren fries"), which is probably her all time favorite food! We probably could have JUST had "fren fries" and that would have been even better! :-) Supper was topped off with ice cream cake! It was her first birthday after starting to really connect with the concept of birthdays, and it was fun to watch her experience the day. One of the things that struck us was the way she took time to enjoy her gifts and not just rush to open the next one. She would be quite focused on looking through the new book and Mommy and Daddy would be the ones eager to have her open the next gift! :-)

She is growing up so fast! She's a good big sister through, like all of us, she can be selfish and she can also be rough! However, Hilkiah is starting to dish out more of the roughness himself so she's having to put up with quite a bit too! Clara's vocabulary is ever expanding and we often hear her singing phrases from various songs. The other day it was "One day He's coming, Oh glorious day!" Stephen and I were both right there and it just melted our hearts!

We love you, precious Clara! May you grow up to be a lovely young lady who comes to love the Lord Jesus with all of your heart!

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