Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garden up-date

It was so fun to walk out into the garden the day after getting home and see the progress that had been made in ONE week! Wow! It was impressive! Here are some pictures I took since getting home.

These are our best looking "from-seed" tomato plants! One of them is as tall as Clara now. It has been so exciting to see them thrive, after their VERY dismal beginnings!!!

The potato plants had already started to bloom before I left, and continued to do so.

My "from-seed" johnny-jump-ups were blooming when I got back! What a welcome home!

Basil, which grew a bunch while I was gone! We put fresh basil and oregano in the lasagna tonight!

There are bunches of green tomatoes starting on our "from-plant" tomato plants! I don't know that we had noticed any before I left. A few are pictured here. I also saw a couple little ones on one of our "from-seed" plants!

Claires and the "from-plant" tomatoes. They had grown soooo much in one week!

And here is the sweetest thing we have growing in the garden!

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