Friday, June 5, 2009

Why The Long Silence?

Well, the answer to that is that Clara and I were in CA for a week so I could make my debut as a bridesmaid in my dear friend, Corinne's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, Corinne! You were lovely and did such a great planning job! A BIG congratulations to you two, Corinne and Grant! You are a wonderful couple! May you find great joy as you serve the Lord Jesus together!

One of the lovely perks of this wedding was that it was in my home town, so I also got to spend time with my fabulous family and other friends! We were there for a week. Here are a few random pictures from our time. I'll have to wait to show pictures from the actual wedding, because I don't have any yet.

Anna and I demonstrating our vast levels of intelligence (our able photographer was Amy):

Anna and I looking somewhat saner. And that is our wonderful Aunt Margie with us.

Sisters and a niece!

The whole fam with the exception of Stephen.

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