Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello! It's been pretty quiet from our neck of the wood lately, but we're still here! Starting last Sunday, Clara and I survived about four days without Daddy. He was off to the land of maple syrup and Ben and Jerry's ice cream... also known as Vermont! And yes, while there he did manage to visit a Ben and Jerry's factory!!! However, the REAL reason he was there was to attend a valve symposium. We missed him but stayed pretty busy with spending time with friends, doing a major organizing job in our storage room, checking out a farmers market, watching some Little House on the Prairie together, going to a program for babies at the library, etc. But Daddy is home safe and sound now, and it's good to have him back!

We spent some time out in the garden today and snapped some fun pictures.... Please remember that we snap pictures of the good stuff... like the tomatoes that are doing well, not the bok choy that all either died or got big and beautiful only to be riddled with wholes from the bugs (a complete loss), or the pepper plant that got snapped off, etc., etc. etc., etc.!!!


Some lovely looking tomatoes....

Some of our tomatoes are getting REALLY tall... almost my height!!! These are the ones that we bought as small plants. They have tons of tomatoes coming on... Clara has "helped" picked some prematurely.

Stephen picked our first peppers today!

And more fun was had with water today!!! If you can't tell, playing with water is Clara's FAVORITE thing to do out in the yard!

And in answer to Mom M.'s question... Clara has four teeth on top, four on the bottom and three molars.

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Momma M said...

Now is the time for fried green tomatoes! That must have been Clara's intent when she picked them!