Friday, June 26, 2009


Hubby walked into the kitchen this evening and saw me shucking corn for supper and offered to grill it!!! I'd already thrown fish in the oven and it was breaded, so wasn't really the grilling kind, so we left it in the oven and did the rest of dinner on the grill. Oh my!!! We grilled up the corn cobs and toasted the english muffins. Also, we put zucchini, tomato and onion, with some butter and seasoning salt in a "dish" of aluminum foil and cooked that up on the grill. MMMMMM! It was all good! But I would definitely recommend giving the zucchini dish a shot on the grill!! It was fabulous! We both enjoyed it a lot!!! Doing it on the grill just seemed to add some extra flavor and Stephen cooked it up just right! And the fact that the zuc was from our own garden made it extra special! :-)

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