Monday, January 11, 2010

More Christmas Memories!



... or was that...

... cousins???!!!! :-)

Tea party!!!!

Father - Daughter Tea!

Grandparent and their grandkidos!

Gigi and Uncle David

Oh boy! Clara LOVES her tea set from Phinn and Gigi!!!

The Cousin's Photo Session! Maybe in a year or so, we'll have everyone smiling! :-)

Cousin tea party

The brothers boxing... wii style!!!

Mom and Dad enjoying the brotherly "battle"! :-)

And, oh boy, what fun was had with the "box wagon"!!!!! Even Mama took a turn pulling it and it was so fun to hear a little girl back there having a good time!

Lookin' happy!

Grandma come up with SUPER idea for little girl activities!

And on the way home, fun was had on the airport chairs!

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