Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Run The Show When You Hardly Know How To Talk

Yesterday, Claires and I were sitting around not doing much. It was late afternoon and she'd been up from her nap for a little while. Suddenly, she decided it was time to put on her shoes that were sitting in the living room. It became a combination of letting Mommy help at some points and at some points insisting on doing it herself, and then getting frustrated when things weren't working out to well. Finally, they were on.

She then proceeded to pull off Mommy's slippers, followed by marching to Mommy's room saying "shoe, shoe, shoe...".

The little lady came back bringing me my shoes! So, I put them on.

The thus far, successful activities director then went and stood by the front door.

Ok fine.

Mommy gets out jackets and hats and we bundle up against the cold and exit out the front door.

Little muffin marches to the car. Might I add that it's cold and drizzling out.

"Ok" says Mommy, "let's go get the keys". So, in we go, get the keys and come back out.

The door is opened and a little girl, who GREATLY ENJOYS driving the car is placed in the driver's seat. Mommy gets in the passenger's seat (where she has sort of already been for this whole scenario), turns on the car, puts on the parking brake and turns on the heater. And so we spent the next several minutes of our day, with a little girl enjoying her ability to turn on the windshield wipers and blinkers, and steer a parked car, and general clambering about and exploring.

And there you have it folks. That's how you run the show even if you are just learning how to talk!!!

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, what fun for her and what sweet memories!. It's fun to sometimes just go where the day takes us isn't it?