Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Day

Daddy was home!!!! All day!!!! Stephen gets Martin Luther King Jr. day off, so we got the treat of a long weekend with our wonderful Daddy and Hubby!

Stephen fixed breakfast for his ladies and we took a morning walk. It has been warming up around here the last several days, so Stephen was able to do some outdoor work. Clara had a BLAST being outside and "helping" spread Daddy's tools around, sticking her little fingers in the caulking he was working with at one point, and generally making a cute, little un-helpful helper out of herself!

We had a laid back afternoon and shortly before supper time, made a run to Office Depot to get some stuff. Supper was Hot Italian Sausage sandwiches! Way yummy! Clara DEVOURED the broccoli we had with it! She really likes that stuff, which is great, seeing as that's about the only vegetable she thinks much of! :-) It was a special day!


Laurel said...

Hi Gracie,
I haven't gotten to meet you, but I saw your comment on Shawna's blog. My husband Jonathan and I know Stephen from KBC, and though we've lost touch, he's always been very special to us. So you and Clara are very special to us, too! :-)
So glad to have spotted you on Shawna's blog - I've enjoyed the bit of browsing I've done so far. God Bless!

Momma M said...

You sure have me curious- is it a sandbox or a doorway to Narnia? ...and broccoli- I never would have believed it without having seen a girl eating it!

Stephen and Gracie said...

Momma M! It's closer to a doorway to Narnia! :-) Due to our problem with mice he was working on blocking off the crawl space opening under the house, to hopefully prevent little critters from deciding it's a good place to take shelter from the cold!

And Laurel, thank you for the comment! It'd be wonderful to meet you and I'm sure Stephen will be very happy when he hears we've heard from you and your husband!