Saturday, January 16, 2010

What A Day!

So, what would you have if you started with a goose egg, added a chicken carcas and then topped it all off with Cool Whip???

You'd have an adventurous day in the life of Clara! Here is a brief account of some of yesterday's experiences.

Well, it started off with a happy little girl bouncing around on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Many painful experiences in the lives of little ones have started that way! This little girl decided to flop herself, tummy down, onto the bed. The comforter was covering up the footboard... so she didn't see it, and her poor little forehead nailed it very hard! I was right there and scooped her up. By the time I took the first look at the forehead she had a spot that was already VERY blue and it looked kind of dented in. Needless to say, the Mamma got worried and started thinking about Urgent Care. However, after a call to the cool, calm and collected Daddy, it was decided to wait and watch her and she how she did. She got a pretty good goose egg... but seems to be quite alright!

Well, the day moved on and supper rolled around... much later then expected, as my first attempt at cooking cornish game hens took MUCH longer then I thought it was suppose to! Clara, up to this point has always been given chicken that was off the bone. But not last night! Daddy gave her a little drum stick and part of a thigh and the little girl discovered the fun of eating chicken off the bone! And after that, handing her a piece of plain old chicken wasn't quite good enough... so she got a good bunch of bones to work on! She spent quite some time and effort on these!!!!

And then she got to top it all of off with one of her favorite treats! Cool whip! At times she could almost care less about whatever we're having it with!

So precious!

What a day! And thank You, Lord Jesus, that the injury wasn't worse!

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Momma M said...

Thanks for the bone-pickin' minute!