Sunday, February 14, 2010

By Special Request...

My dear friend, Julie, requested a "pregnant picture" up-date. I'd been meaning to take a picture for some time... and that gave me an extra push! So, here's the progress report, of sorts, for 6 1/2 months:

Oh, and we added a new feature to our blog!!! :-) There's now a due date count-down on the side bar, right beneath our welcome message!


Momma M said...


Elizabeth said...

Awww! You are so cute!! Love the picture! :)
-Beth Nell

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gracie for posting the pic.
You are so adorable as a pregnant Momma! Reminds me of all of the childhood dreams we had. I can't wait to meet this new Little One! I am praying that the Lord Jesus would bless you richly as you seek to obey Him!
Love you lots, Julie K.