Sunday, February 28, 2010

This, That and the Other

Clara had a blast this weekend spending lots of time with her Daddy! Saturday afternoon, in particular, seemed like it was a special time for her. She got to go with Daddy to run errands and then "helped" Daddy out in the yard as he set up for and did a hamburger BBQ! She was even helping scrub the grate! And she found it fun and amusing to run through the smoke! She loves being outside and being with her Daddy!

The rest of these shots are a collection from the last week or so.

Clara enjoys tromping around in Mommy and Daddy's shoes occasionally. Here she is sporting Momma's wedding shoes. Reminds me of how we enjoyed using MY Mom's wedding shoes for dress up. I think we wore those things till they fell apart!

Socks for Teddy... well, at least we're trying! :-) There didn't end up being success. Notice how Teddy is nicely laid down on a disposable washcloth. :-)

Clara got to see her friend Kailey (pronounced by Miss Clara: "Kaigey"), twice this week! Here they are sitting under a built in desk at Kailey's house. I thought it was a pretty cute shot!


Anonymous said...

SOooo Cute! Sooo Precious!
Thanks for taking the time to enable us to "visit" once in a while, through the pictures and the fun little stories you share with us!
Mom F.

Momma M said...

Poppop was pleased as punch that Clara visited with him on the phone; she even used English!