Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mmmmmmm! Yummy!

Clara enjoying an After Eight, sent from Grandpa and Grandma F., for Christmas! We ALL like 'em! Clara's Grandpa and Grandma sell them on their internet, British tea and food store.

Here's a quick up-date on life around here:

Pregnancy is progressing along quite nicely. I have a little bit of aches and pains, but not bad, and some heartburn here and there but, again, mildly. Baby moves a lot and has a good heartbeat.... usually around 140. Only about 2 and 1/2 months to go!!!

Clara is taking off with words! It's been a lot a fun! She is willing to imitate a lot! Some ones that have been used quite a bit lately (generally pronounced in her own adorable and incorrect way):

Maggie (friend from chapel)
watch it (what she says for watching a video, which she GREATLY enjoys doing)
Bye bye

And many others! She still uses her sign language for "please", "all done" and "more. However, she will often say "ah du" and "more" as well as using the sign, but hasn't started saying please yet.

She and I started a Mommy and Me type gymnastics class this week. She seemed to enjoy the experience pretty well, though she really likes to watch what other people are doing too and not just concentrate on what she's suppose to be doing!

I was looking forward to taking course 2 in cake decorating from Michaels... but the class held at the time that was most convenient for me didn't have enough people sign up, so it was canceled. I was disappointed, but will probably try again next month.

Stephen is doing well. Last weekend, he got to get away for the and go to a men's retreat, at which he was the speaker. He had a very good and encouraging time.

We are very blessed by the Lord Jesus!

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