Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Tradition... Continued.

The ladies in my family had a tradition. When the men took off to a men's retreat for the weekend, we had a girl night! Generally, these girl nights included treats such as Taco Bell for dinner, lots of yummy junk food (ice cream, candy, or whatever) and some girlie movies, such as a Jane Austen selection (or two or three!). We REALLY looked forward to these girl nights and greatly enjoyed them!

Well, the tradition has continued, or should I say begun, in this new household. :-) Daddy took off to a men's retreat this weekend. And, you guessed it, Claires and I had a girl night on Friday! :-) We popped pop corn (I actually had to look up on the internet how to do it, as I was making it on the stove top :-) ). We did kettle corn and it turned out yummy! I ate too much (as I always did on girl nights). We also made hot choc... one in a mug and one in a sippy cup. And we got situated and watched Pollyanna! I think it got kind of long and boring for Clara... but she hung around for almost all of it... though, granted, she did start doing things like making noises, and shaking the pop-corn bowl and trying to stick her little foot in it. :-)

Here are a few pictures:

So, with fond memories of the girl nights growing up, the tradition continues! Note Mom and the sisters: it would have been a lot more fun to have you guys here too!

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