Thursday, February 11, 2010

Momentous Occasion

So, you are all looking at this picture going "oooookkkkkkk????? What is that about????" Well, it was a very momentous occasion and Mommy (Me) was VERY excited and just HAD to take a picture and share it with you all!!! A few days ago we were getting the table ready for supper. Mommy put on Daddy's and Mommy's plates and Clara put on hers. Then I gave Clara the three forks and told her to put one at Mommy's, one at Daddy's and one at hers. Even though I explained it pretty well, I wasn't sure what would happen... maybe all end up scattered around Clara's plate???? And the picture above is the accomplishment of the little helper. And, I'll tell you what, it may sound weird but this Mommy was thrilled to death! Our little girl helping set the table!

And here is our dear helper! Thank you, little one!


Momma M said...

As Yogi Barra once said, your daughter "came to a fork in the road and took it."

Scott said...

Love it!

Grandpa F.