Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick Family Photo Session

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I had really been wanting to get a nice family picture while we are still a family of three (well, three VISIBLE people). :-) My good friend, Jen, had offered to shoot some of us, so we finally took her up on the offer the other night and did a quick family photo shoot. It wasn't quick enough for Clara... she proved to be a challenge... but we still got some good ones! Thanks again, Jen!!! You did a great job!

We actually combined the photo session with date night! Jen and her family where watching Clara Friday night, so that Stephen and I could go on an early Valentines date, so we just all got fixed up and took some shots before the date. Tonight we get to trade and go watch Jen's kids so she and her husband can have their date! It's kind of becoming a tradition of ours... we did the same baby-sitting trade last year!

Stephen took me to this fabulous Thai Restaurant, which we had heard recommended through the grapevine. We were very pleased with it (minus the appetizer we selected... but some things you just won't know until you try!). The atmosphere was quiet, calm and had some very nice lighting touches... and even had a rose on each table... lovely! Stephen ordered red curry shrimp and I went with duck with basil in a chili-garlic sauce... both came with fabulous sticky rice! And my iced Thai tea was yummy too! Seeing as it was our first time, we didn't know how hot their spice levels actually were... Stephen, brave man that he is, ordered the Hot level and I ordered the Medium. Oh man!!!!!! Talk about turning an already hot date into a FLAMING hot date!!! Wow!!! Both dishes were SUPER spicy! However, we still really enjoyed the experience and both want to go again... though, granted, we both plan to take the spice level down a notch! :-)

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