Monday, December 21, 2009

Brag Moment

I must beg leave to have a quick brag moment. What or who would I like to brag about, you may ask? Well, my handsome husband, of course!

Last night, at the fabulous suggestion of my man, we met a couple families we are good friends with, at a local bowling alley. We loaded up three lanes and had a grand old time knocking, and attempting to knock, pins down. Well, folks, I tell you, it appears my husband just MAY have missed his calling in life. On our third and final game he racked up a whole load of strikes and spares! And then to top it all off... on the last round he nailed not one, not two, but THREE strikes IN A ROW... also known as a Turkey! His score: a grand total of 157! Made for one exciting finish and some very loud cheering!!!!!!!!

Thank you for indulging me with the brag moment! :-)


Scott said...

Wow! I thought breaking 100 was good!!

Grandpa F.

Momma M said...

Thank you for not sparing us the details, but I bet that he would agree that you bowl him over!

Elizabeth said...

Awww....this post is sooo sweet! :)
A "turkey" is a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Momma M's very creative Post! Thanks for not sparing us the descriptive details! It surely was the next best thing to being there WITH you to witness it! How cool that Stephan's idea and initiative, produced that fun time with your friends also. I can almost here it all happening! We're cheering too! Mom F.