Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've enjoyed reading other people's menus when they put them up on their blog, and thought I'd do one up this week and post it. My menu planning is pretty hit and miss. Sometimes I do it quite often... and sometimes I can go a long time without doing one. Also, I don't know that I've EVER done a whole week according to the plan, but at least it gives me ideas and I can plan my shopping trip accordingly and try to have the stuff I'll need. Some ladies I've seen are great... they plan ALL three meals of the day! I tend to just do suppers and usually just the main dish. This week I also put in side dishes... 'cause I knew I was planning to blog it! :-) Our breakfasts are usually very simple and quick... cereal, toast, etc. Sometimes when I'm menuing, I'll jot down a few ideas for breakfasts, is there something new I want to try or if I just want to remind myself to do something DIFFERENT (I can get stuck in boring ruts!). And lunches are usually something pretty simple or leftovers from the night before or whatever. Anyhow, this week I was in the mood to pick some new stuff to try so there are several things here that are new recipes to us. All the names that are in a slightly different color and are underlined are links to on-line recipes. If you'd like to take a look at them and possibly try them out, just click on the name.

Monday: Black bean soup, leftover breadsticks. I did stick to the plan last night. The soup was ok, but not a real keeper in my book. We've been trying to do vegetarian once a week... this was the planned vegetarian one.

Tuesday: Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Salad

Wednesday: Layered Chicken and black bean casserole, "refried" beans. I'll plan to make the refried beans from dried pintos. After re-hydrating / cooking them I run them through the blender with some butter and salt... So, they're not REALLY refried beans.

Thursday: Shepherd's Pie, Butternut squash

Friday: Chicken Orzo Skillet, salad

Saturday: we're planning to have some friends from Stephen's work over for one of our family traditions: crepe brunch! In the evening we have the company Christmas party!

Sunday: Tacos for lunch and something simple for supper, like frozen pizza.

And of course being the Christmas season, you HAVE to pick out some fun baking to do! So here are a few I want to do in the next week or two!

Cream cheese sugar cookies I did these today, turned out yummy!!! Great recipe! See pictures below of Clara!


Finnish Nissua



Enjoying the sugar cookie beater!

"Hey, don't laugh!!! Your face would look like this too if you were 18 months, were trying to get over a cold, AND were enjoying cleaning up a cookie beater!" You may want to click on these to blow them up, so you can more fully appreciate the yuckiness!!!

"Ok, so even Mommy thought these pictures were pretty funny!"

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