Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Monday... And Other Monday Events! :-)

Busy day! Mommy had a dentist appointment at noon. The plan had been for Clara to stay with some friends of ours, but due to a car seat mix-up on our part and Stephen having to drive here from work to bring it to me, I ended up just taking Clara to the dentist. The dentist's wife (they're friends of ours from chapel) volunteered to keep Clara while I was getting my teeth cleaned. That worked out great for a while but then our friend had to get on the phone and Clara ended up getting scared or something and having to come back to Momma. Well, as she was brought in the hygienist was still working on me, so I couldn't really sit up and make eye contact with Clara or anything and I think the poor girl got scared about what was happening to Momma! She started crying away. I remember her little face looking up at that "mean" hygienist as she heartily cried! Well, with a little comforting from Momma, and her blanket being retrieved from the other room, she calmed down and sat on Momma's lap, sucking her thumb and quietly watching the cleaning continue. After our friend got off the phone, she came and got Clara and everything seemed to go fine after that. When I was all done, I found her sitting on our friend's lap drinking apple juice and eating fish crackers!

We went and grabbed some lunch and then did grocery shopping, followed by dropping off videos at the library. It was a full, long outing and a little girl crashed in the car and is now out to the count in her crib.

Alright, now for another Menu Monday:

Chicken breaded with flour and french fried onions (run through the food processor); mashed potatoes and gravy, salad

Greek style veggie burgers (Big thanks to Sarah!)

Buffalo chicken burgers; parmesan potato wedges

Chicken curry, couscous, Nan(?) bread (It's a type of Indian bread you can buy from Trader Joes, and probably plenty of other places too)

Shrimp scampi: Butternut squash

Chicken orzo skillet (yup. this was on last weeks menu. It was one I didn't end up doing, so I gonna try to take a shot at it this week)

Swiss chicken Casserole, Couscous or rice, Some kind of veggie :-)


I did two of the recipes I posted last week and want to try some of the others this week

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