Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The LONG weekend: Day 1

So, two posts back, I mentioned that we had some fun weekend plans! Well, so we did, and we greatly enjoyed them!

Friday, after Thanksgiving we took off on a trip to the D.C. area! We had a very fun first day! One of the draw backs was that Momma "got sick" twice, along the way... exactly why that was, I'm not totally sure, but very thankfully, the trip back yesterday was not like that! Ok, on to the day 1 account!

Before leaving we did a little running around town. Here are a few sweet pictures of the little lady, taken while we waited in the car for Daddy.

After all our running around town - we were off!

Along the way we decided to pop in on some good friends and they fed us and we had a good time chatting and catching up with them.

Then on we went.

That night we had a delicious supper at the home of some dear ladies that Stephen had got to know when he'd briefly lived in the area years ago. They had been very good to him and it was so great for me to finally meet them! We had a wonderful time!

Clara had a great time exploring their old, beautiful townhouse!

On the way to the motel that night, a little girl "crashed" after her very adventuresome day! We hauled her in and popped her on the extra bed... after a very short time she was precariously near the edge!

Her dear Daddy pulled back the covers and made her a little "nest" out of blankets, pillows and his jacket, and she spent a very peaceful night and didn't know where she was until the next morning!

Come again soon for Day 2... and to see what the original purpose was for this trip!

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