Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The LONG weekend: Days 2-4

The first night we stayed at an Inn on a military base. In the morning, Stephen got a hair-cut and showed me around his old stomping grounds! He had been at this base several years ago, going through some training, so there was lots to show. We even got to watch some groups going through the same training... getting yelled at, etc.!

And then it was on to the original purpose of this trip!!! To introduce Clara to her Great-Grandpa and Grandma Y.!!!!! Oh, AND it was also so we could see them too!!!! :-)

Our hosts were my great Uncle Dan and Aunt Jeannie, who treated us royally, putting us up in a comfy hotel, feeding us GREAT food and even taking us out on the town. Our "out on the town" trip included a trip on the metro, a visit to Arlington National Cemetery and a stop for a yummy dinner. Here are a bunch of pictures from Arlington.

Looking toward Lincoln Memorial from ANC.

The grave of JFK and his wife and the "eternal flame".

A sober sight

Grandpa did a ton of his great-granddaughter's stroller pushing

Despite the chill... a little girl finally dropped off for her nap.

Tomb of the Unknown

Changing of the guard ceremony

Custus-Lee Mansion

My stunning model of a husband!!!!

Grandpa Y., Grandma Y. and Stephen

Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in background.

Aunt Jeannie, Grandma Y.

Later that evening...

Sweet moments with Great-Grandma Beth!

After a very long, wonderful day!

Sunday and Monday morning slipped quickly by with plenty of time to relax and spend time together! After a lunch out with Grandpa and Grandma we headed for home, and a little girl was OUT before very long!

Oh, and isn't that one cutie footie???!!!! I wuv it!!!

What a treat that trip was! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your many blessings!


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