Sunday, December 20, 2009

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Eve's Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve!"

Last night it actually snowed here!!!!! I was so happy!!! I'd really been wanting snow! I grew up where that almost NEVER happened, then lived in the desert for a short time and now am living in a place where it again, rarely snows. Last winter, the only time it stuck was when we were out of town! So, needless to say, this has been a big treat! We were at the home of some good friends last night, when it started snowing, and we enjoyed driving home and seeing the dusting of snow around us. At one point when we'd stop so Stephen could try to fix the windshield wipers, which appeared to have frozen joints, he and I had a mini snow fight!

Message in the snow!

And what a beautiful morning!

The time came to take Clara out to really experience snow for the first time! Mommy had been lookin' forward to this so much! We got a little girl bundled up!

Our little blue snow bunny.

Already looking a little dubious about all this!

Comin' outside.

We were ok for about 30 seconds, the tragedy struck. Somebody's mittens were too big and didn't fit right and were strange and new to the little girl anyway, so they had already come off. After marching across the flower bed area and trying to step down, someone fell down and our little hands contacted the shockingly cold stuff and that was the end of that! We didn't even want to walk in the "horrid" stuff and became generally quite miserable. We proceeded, as a family, to walk around the house and check out the snowy sights, but it was a short adventure and not at all what Mommy had been hoping it would be. :-( Ahhh well, Mommy has enjoyed having the snow, and perhaps next winter our little girl will have a different perspective. For now she says "I was born in the desert... and that pretty much explains everything."

Not lookin' too happy! But Daddy sure looks good, in Mommy's humble opinion!!! :-)

And this is pretty much Clara's assessment of snow, summed up in one look!


q-pig said...

I'm with Clara -- I don't like the snow either! But hopefully she forgets and changes her mind tomorrow so that she can attempt playing in the snow again.

Scott said...

I'm jealous! I love the wonder of the early morning sun on fresh fallen snow. (They said it might snow here during our last storm -- but no.) I remember the littlest kids not being to enthused at first but just wait 'till they get the idea of it!!

Grandpa F.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I want some snow! It looks really pretty!