Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So, why the long silence?

We've been out of town again, this time for a little longer then our trip over 4th of July weekend. Stephen took some vacation days and we made an excursion up to visit Brookville and attend a family reunion. We had some very enjoyable times as a family, including being able to spend time chatting with Uncle Mark, meeting family members, sitting by the fire and, of course, enjoying some FABULOUS Buff's homemade ice cream. Clara had a blast exploring the big house!!! Even a tumble down the stairs (NO serious injury) didn't do much to dampen her enthusiasm! She also greatly enjoyed playing on the park play equipment at the family reunion, despite a few acidents, which we a couple of which resulted in one cut on her bottom lip and one on her top! That girl!!! What are we going to do with her? With her on-the-go, exploration personality, these little mishaps may end up being a not-so-unusual part of her life. But truly, despite the drama, she had a GRAND time!!!

And one more note. Though we had some very enjoyable and relaxing moments, there was something major missing. Grandpa and Grandma!!! It's not the same without you!

Here are a few snap-shots from along the way....

Walking the dirt road on the property.

An exploration walk on the property. Grandpa T., Stephen forgot his coat, so he's wearing one of yours in this picture!

A little girl in a sea of green.

A Father and Daughter moment.

By the pond.

Clara in her nest of pillows by the fire.

Sorry about the glare... here's a family picture done on timer setting.

Grandpa T... we thought you would like seeing this! Clara LOVED getting a ride on your wood cart!

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