Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First And Hopefully Last. :-(

This little family made it's first, and hopefully last, visit to ER last night.

Yesterday evening, while playing in the backyard, Clara's arm was injured. We could tell pretty quickly it was more then just a regular little "ouch". She kept on crying and had quit using her left arm. When Daddy put ice on it, instead of pulling the arm away when it got really cold, she just sat there and cried really hard.

So, off to the hospital we went. We tried urgent care, but they had JUST closed. We waited for quite awhile in the ER to see the Dr... but that's nothing new in ER, as I understand it. During the whole long time in the waiting room, Clara sat in her Daddy's lap, watching activity around her, but not trying to get down and play, which is very unusual for our active little girl. Occasionally, she would start crying again.

Finally, we were seen and they determined she had "nurse-maid's elbow", basically, a dislocated elbow, which they said is very common in someone Clara's age. The poor little munchkin did NOT enjoy the Dr. popping it back in place, but in a matter of minutes our little Clara was "back", cheerfully making a nuisance of herself as she scrambled around on the bed, using her arm like normal. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that it wasn't something worse!

So... the peppers we were planning to can last night... didn't happen. But we're thankful our little girl's ok... and we need to learn that little move the Dr. did to pop it back in place, just in case it should ever save us another trip to ER!!!


Marilena said...

Aaawww...I'm glad she's okay. The same thing happened to little Julio when he was 3 and and 1/2. But it happened when he was wrestling with his dad and we were so nervous to go to the ER because he kept saying that Daddy did it! We were so relieved that the doctor didn't even ask how it happened because it was so common. I remember praying so hard on the way there that they wouldn't call social services on us!!!
Love all of the pics of Clara. She is getting so big.
Love you guys!

In the Mix said...

Oh...so sorry. Poor sweet girl. I'm so glad it was nothing worse.

Jess said...

This happened so many times to my little sister when we were kids. My mom is a nurse and used to pop it back into place. Amazing how it doesn't bug them at all instantly once it's popped back. Glad she's okay and hope it never happens again!!!!